Rug Wash and Repair Service

Drop off point at


Unit 8 Signal Buildings

Brunel Road

Newton Abbot

TQ12 4PB

Here at Satin Stitch we not only take pride in making rugs from scratch but also washing and repairing your rugs so you can use them over and over again.
We don't charge inflated wash and reproof prices like many of our competitors, and all our repairs are done in house, so your rug wont be shipped from one person to wash and another to repair increasing the chances of losing it!  We tag your rug as soon as it comes in with an embroidered numbered badge so from wash to pickup we know who's rug it is.
(please note we will not repair your rug unless you tell us to do so)



                                                 Wash                                 Wash & Reproof

Any Size Rug                         £6.50                                     £12.00


Travel Boots                           £6.00

Numnah/saddle Cloth             £2.00

Sheepskin Numnah                £4.50

Bandage/Wraps Set 4            £3.50

Fly Mask                                 £1.00


Jackets/Trousers                   £3.00                                    £6.50

Hoods/Bibs                            £4.00




Coat Zip £15.00

Chap Zip £12.00

Long Boot Zip * £30.00




We offer a full repair service for all items not just boots, numnahs/saddle cloths, jackets, headcollars and lots more. Please call or pop in and we can advise you if it is repairable and the cost.
Our Repairs are very competative and we are always happy to quote before we start any work, if however you leave it for us to repair we will call you if the repair is going to be over £20, so you can be confident we will not overcharge you and you'll have no nasty surprises when you collect you rug.


We are always happy to adjust or alter rugs and other equipment to suit your horse or your needs. From adding tail flaps to moving straps or adding fixings to attach a neckcover, we are happy to help.